Dyeing the stretch jersey

Once covered with foam and wadding, the torso of the puppet needs a layer of stretch jersey which is nice & smooth & provides a suitable under-layer for the clothing (foam & wadding are less smooth and the costume would not move as freely over these materials if they were left uncovered). I debated using white stretch jersey but in the end I've decided to dye it to the skin tone used on the rest of the puppet, in case the costume has a neck line that reveals part of the chest.

Dyeing is a bit of an unpredictable art so I'm adopting a two-pronged approach: I've bought two different shades of stretch jersey, neither of which quite match the skin tone painted on the limbs and head of the puppet, so here I'm dyeing the pink fabric with a pebble beige and the beige fabric with a powder pink; hopefully one of these will be a close match.


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