Putting the puppet together

By the end of today my aim was to put this puppet together for the first time to see how all the parts look and function together and whether my design needs any modification before I go on to the second Harajuku puppet.

I have made a stomach out of foam rubber, which sits between the wire torso and the wooden hips, which are tied together with string (this is hidden within vertical slots in the stomach foam).

The legs have been roughly attached with wire at the hips and the arms tied on to the torso at the shoulders with bungee cord.

So here she is! The first surprise was the combined weight of all the separate parts, which of course have been kept as light as possible, but even so the whole puppet has considerable mass. Not too much for the puppeteers to manage though, in my opinion. I've just put her on the scales and she weighs 2.4kg. This will increase slightly with hair and costume but I think it's reasonable.

I've been arranging the puppet in different postures so I can keep looking at her and checking how she looks but I'm pretty happy with her and apart from a few tweaks and perhaps a final layer of gesso I think she'll soon be ready for painting and costuming.


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