Additional handiwork

It's been a nerve-wracking day; having finished carving this pair of hands, the next thing I needed to do was to hollow out a cavity inside each one for the leather wrist joints to be glued into.

This involved drilling three holes deep into the hand and using a chisel to knock out the wood between to form one rectangular cavity.

However calculated my measurements, there's always a lurking fear that the wood will crack, so I'm relieved to get this part safely completed.

Next I have made a block of wood to fit inside the rectangular wrist cavity; the block is wedge-shaped and allows enough room for two thicknesses of leather.

The cavity is filled with a generous amount of PVA glue, then the two strips of leather are inserted, rough sides together. Finally the wooden wedge is pushed in as shown and a mallet is used to force it in as far as possible (without cracking the hands of course!)

Once the glue has dried, the protruding edge of the wedge is sawn off and sanded to blend in with the rest of the hand.

On the other side of the wrist, two panel pins are hammered in to further secure the wedge within the hand.

You can also see that magnets have been inserted into the palm of each hand; this was requested by my client so that there is the option for the puppet to hold props. These were glued in with Araldite.


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