Old Flo

Full length image of Old Flo. She is a life-size 100-year-old lady made with the pupils of Brookfield School for their school play in May 2014 to celebrate the centenary of the founding of the school.

Detail of Old Flo's head and shoulders. She has a moving mouth operated by two rods at the back of her head.

Me with Old Flo

Old Flo at Brookfield School on the day of the school play with one of the student puppeteers

Old Flo was commissioned for the centenary celebration of Brookfield School in Highgate, and was designed and made in conjunction with pupils from the school.  The puppet has a moving mouth and was operated by three student puppeteers; one controlling the head and mouth, and the other two controlling the arms and hands.  She was made with a cardboard and plastic skeleton clad in upholstery foam and fabric.


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