WW1 Carrier Pigeon Rod Puppet

Birds eye view of puppet

With puppeteer Peyvand Sadeghian

This life-size carrier pigeon puppet was my third commission from Hackney Music Development Trust for their 2014 production Trench Brothers. 


The body of the puppet was fabricated from upholstery foam and covered with stretch jersey before being decorated with fabric paints.  The wings contain a wire frame covered with foam and then similiarly covered and decorated.  A long control rod extends downwards from under the tail to allow the puppeteer to fly the pigeon above head height.  The wing mechanism is operated by pulling a drawstring that passes up the control rod, through the body of the puppet and out on to the top of the wings so that the tension of the string moves the wings upwards and when the string is relaxed, the wings fall down under their own weight.


© Catherine Thomas 2014